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  • A.Sajdler

A Wave of Discarded PPE

I am looking head towards 2021 with a new hope of getting back to some form of normality, thanks to all the people involved in the research for vaccines and all the other key workers in the UK and around the world. I’m hoping 2021 will open up with some more freelance photography work, as it has been pretty tough settling back into UK life and starting at the beginning.

However looking back over the year especially my time in the UK I have noticed a lot of PPE just discarded on the streets. I started to photograph each piece I came across as a little side project but soon realised this is a problem. Over a two-week period I managed to photograph over 20 pieces of discarded PPE and this was all within a mile radius of my home in Oxford.

This blog is not to accuse people of littering, well maybe it is actually. It was just a shame to see as I felt during these Covid times people would be a little conscientious as the majority adhered to the rules. So dropping your mask or gloves on the street (and not picking it up) seems counter intuitive.

Rant over I promise. Let's all look forward to 2021.

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