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Different types of headshots and which one is right for you

What is a headshot?

A headshot is a photograph of a person's head and shoulders. It is usually used as a profile picture or for business purposes, such as on a resume or LinkedIn profile. There are many different types of headshots, and it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you. Here is a guide to the different types of headshots and when to use them:

Business headshots are the most formal type of headshot. They are usually taken in a studio with a plain background. The focus is on the person's face, so they are typically shot from the chest up. Business headshots should be professional and polished. They are often used on resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and other professional materials.

Acting headshots are similar to business headshots, but they are more expressive and show more personality. They are taken in a variety of settings, including studios and outdoors. Acting headshots should capture your unique personality and help you stand out from other actors.

Personal branding headshots or editorial portraits are becoming increasingly popular as people use social media to build their personal brand. These photos are less formal than business headshots, but they should still be high quality and well-composed. Editorial Portraits can be taken in a variety of settings, including your home or office. They can also be more creative than other types of headshots, incorporating props or interesting backgrounds that reflect your personal brand.

Different types of headshots

The most important thing about a headshot is that it shows off your personality and conveys your unique essence. It should be a reflection of who you are, not just a picture of someone else’s idea of who you should be! Here we will discuss different types of headshots and which one is right for you.

Traditional Headshot

The traditional headshot is the most common type and typically includes a plain background with the subject looking directly into the camera. This style works well for actors, models, or anyone wanting to portray a professional yet approachable look. The emphasis here should be on showing off your features rather than doing anything too wild or dramatic!

Editorial Portrait

An editorial portrait (also known as environmental portrait) takes the traditional headshot one step further by including elements of your environment in the image. This could be anything from your desk at work to a favourite spot in nature that you love to spend time in. This type of portrait allows you to show off more of your personality while still keeping it professional.

Creative Headshot

Creative headshots take things up a notch and add some personality into the mix! These may include props, interesting backgrounds, or even abstract concepts like light painting or double exposures. Creative headshots are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd and show off their unique sense of style.

It's important to have a good headshot that represents you well and makes you look approachable, professional, and trustworthy. Think carefully about what message you want to convey and choose accordingly – whether it’s professionalism or creativity – make sure your headshot reflects who you truly are!

Why you need a good headshot

When it comes to your professional life, first impressions really do count. And in today’s digital world, a lot of those first impressions come from your online presence - namely, your headshot. A headshot is simply a photograph of your head and shoulders, and it’s an important tool to have in your professional arsenal. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular types of headshots, and when you might need to use them.

The LinkedIn Headshot- We all know that LinkedIn is one of the most important networking tools for professionals. And your LinkedIn profile is often the first thing that potential employers or clients will see when they search for you online. So it’s important to make sure that your LinkedIn headshot is high quality, and gives off the right impression. For this type of headshot, you’ll want to dress in business attire, and make sure that the background is simple and uncluttered. You want potential employers or clients to focus on you, not what’s going on behind you!

The Casual Headshot- A casual headshot is perfect for when you want to show off your personality. This type of headshot is often used by creative professionals, like artists or designers, as a way to let their personality shine through. For a casual headshot, you can dress down and show some personality with your clothing choices. And the background doesn’t have to be as simple as it does for a LinkedIn headshot - in fact, a more interesting background can actually help add to the overall effect of the photo.

The Business Portrait- If you own your own business or are a high-level executive at a company, then chances are you’ll need a business headshot at some point. This type of photo is usually taken in a business setting, like an office or boardroom, and it should convey confidence and authority. For a business headshot, you’ll want to dress in business attire and make sure that the background reflects your profession. A boardroom with a cityscape view through the window makes for a great backdrop for this type of photo!

The Group Headshot- Whether you’re part of a small start-up team or a large corporation, chances are you’ll need to have a group headshot taken at some point. This type of photo is perfect for things like company websites or annual reports - it helps put a face to the name, so to speak! When taking a group headshot, it’s important to make sure that everyone in the photo looks their best. That means taking care of things like hair and makeup and making sure that everyone is wearing similar clothing (no one wants to be the odd one out!). It can also be helpful to have someone guide everyone into position so that everyone looks their best.

How to Choose the Right Headshot Photographer

Choosing the right headshot photographer can be a difficult task, but it's important to find someone who understands your needs and goals. There are a few things to consider when choosing a photographer, including the type of headshot you need and your budget. If you're looking for a corporate headshot, then you'll want to find a photographer who specialises in this type of photography. Corporate headshots are typically used for business cards and LinkedIn profiles, so it's important that your photographer knows how to capture an image that will translate well in these mediums.

There are different types of headshots, and it's important to choose the right one for your needs. If you're a business professional, you'll want a headshot that looks approachable and competent. And if you're trying to get published, you'll need a headshot that conveys confidence and credibility. Don't underestimate the importance of a good headshot. It can make all the difference in how people perceive you. So take the time to find a photographer who can help you create the perfect image for your needs.


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