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Professional Photographer covering Oxford & London

Photography has always been my passion. London is a city where you can find imagery everywhere from street art to exhibitions and everything in between, so it was only natural that this became an integral part of who I am as well! 
I knew from an early age that I wanted to be in the creative industry but it was not until I got my first job as a family photographer in 2006 that I developed a real passion for photography. I have now moved into the commercial world, creating images for ad campaigns, magazines, websites and events. 

In 2011 I moved to Dubai where I have had the privilege to travel across the UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Oman and Singapore for my work. The highlight of my career so far has been working as part of a talented team covering Pope Francis's visit to Abu Dhabi which was truly an awe-inspiring event. I have also been lucky enough to work for clients such as Porsche, Ford, 2XL, Zara, Canon, Dukes Hotel, Walkers, CFA Society and Forever Living. 

I have since moved back to the UK to be closer to family after having 2 children, I am currently based in Oxford covering London, the home counties and the occasional trip back to the Middle East.
As well as working with some amazing clients I love capturing images for my own projects. If you like to see some of my recent personal and professional projects feel free to check out my 'projects' page.


Anthony Sajdler, a professional photographer, stands in front of a military plane at an airfield while wearing a camera strap holding two DSLR cameras

I’ve being using Anthony for the past 5 years and he’s always my go-to photographer!! Such a pro and has many creative ideas throughout the shoot too! Five flashing stars!!

Magic Phil

UAE's Favourite Childrens Entertainer and Radio Personality

I have no idea where my name originates from, the random j often throws people when trying to pronounce my surname. As much as I appreciate the unique aspect to my name people often try and search for Anthony Sadler or Anthony Saddler and then unfortunately can not find me.

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