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Hard working images that document your build.

Large crane on a construction site. Builders in the foreground working.

Working with a number of clients in the construction industry, I am often commissioned to photograph the various stages in the build.  I have also done many architectural photography shoots where we walked around buildings being constructed before they were even finished. These photographs document how these projects are developed and built from scratch - showing you every step as it happens. My work includes providing images for factories that manufacture materials used during this process too; documenting both big scale jobs including malls and theme parks or bespoke small-scale manufacturing processes like furniture making and carpentry.

The construction of high-value developments is a major project for any company or community, and it's worth documenting the milestones in order to illustrate your progress. You can use this information not only when communicating with clients but also internally so that everyone on staff knows what they're working towards together! With a sharp eye for light and attention to detail, I can create stunning architectural images. I want your project's needs specific attention so that you can rest easy knowing it will meet every expectation while capturing what makes each place unique in its own way.


Do you want to document the build project from start to finish? I combine traditional architecture photography with a documentary style to help tell the story of the construction of your build. Focusing on key moments  to showcase the health and safety of the site and the overall process of the construction can be useful for future projects and use in case studies for marketing the next venture. Get in touch and let's talk about your new blueprints.

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