Capture the drama! Live events, theatre and stage productions. 

DJ Tiesto live on stage event photography. Red stage with yellow lights by DJ booth

I am a freelance photographer who specializes in the portrayal of Theatre and Live Productions. I work for both London and regional venues, capturing live performances from playwrights to actors as they happen on stage before your eyes!
I also produce high quality images that are used by producers worldwide- giving audiences an insider look into what goes behind scenes; including interviews with cast members or behind shots showing off choreography techniques.

A theatre photographer has to take photos that fulfil two functions: first, during the rehearsal period they are used for publicity before opening night. Second, during production week when capturing images of a show's mood and character is important in order to create lasting memories with them afterwards. Whether you’re a professional actor or just getting your feet wet in the industry, I will capture raw moments that illuminate what it takes to be successful. Through expert photography and years of experience I know how important rehearsal photography is for showcasing talent and hard work behind-the scenes before performances - which makes me the perfect candidate to capture your production. If you want to know more about how I conduct my event photography shoots or have some questions please head over to my event photography FAQs page.


As a professional photographer, I provide services to the performing arts community. My goal is always ensuring that you get quality photographs at your show or live event so we can relive all of those fun moments again through images with lasting power! If this sounds like something for which you are looking and have specific needs, contact me as soon as possible- timing matters here because some projects fill up quickly in advance before they happen.  If it’s live events like concert tours or major theatre productions; if it's smaller scale (but still important) things such as school plays with their prom coming up - no matter what size operation we're talking about - then count on me being there every step of way because nothing beats capturing those happy moments so they don't get forgotten over time.