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QUESTIONS - Event Photography

montage of event photography ijmages from cars to boxing, coporate events and scientific exhibitions. showing the range of various event photography coverage

Q. What is event photography?

A: Event photography is a type of photography that captures the guests, interactions, activities, atmosphere, and moments of an event or occasion. The different types of event photography include corporate photography, including things like AGMs, seminars, conferences and exhibitions. Community event photography, this can include local meetings and gatherings, even official government proceedings. Concert, dance, and theatre photography as well as sports photography. For a full breakdown of the photography services I offer please head over to my services page here.


Q. Why hire a photographer for your corporate event?

A: Working with a professional event photographer allows you to focus on running your event without worrying about getting the right shots. A photographer who understands your requirements will be on the alert for good photo opportunities, providing all important images for your marketing needs. Not only that, but I also make sure the images captured embody the key moments of your event.


Q. What type of events do you photograph?

A. I photograph all types of events from conferences, exhibitions, large corporate and charity fundraising black tie events as well as networking events. Please check out my corporate event photography portfolio and my live production event photography portfolios.


Q: How many photos are included?

A: Every event is different, and it is a bit of a piece of string question as it depends on the amount of activity within the event. I do not limit the number of photos I take at an event. If you have one speaker delivering a speech only there will be limitations as to how many different images I can provided, a networking event however, with lots of interactions will produce more images. As a gauge I normally end up delivering between 50 to 100 images from each hour of a corporate event.


Q. When will I receive my images?

A. I normally send over a few selected images within 24 hours, which can be used for your social media or press releases. The full final edited images are then sent over with 3-4 working days.


Q: Can I have some images during the event for social media and press releases?

A: Yes absolutely, let me know this is something you require, and I am happy to WhatsApp over images so you can have a live stream on social media or send directly to the press.


Q. Do you use a mobile studio at events?

A. Yes, I can set up a mobile studio using a backdrop with professional studio lighting to provide the most flattering photographs of your event attendees. This is commonly asked for at black Tie and Gala Events.


Q: Do we have copyright to the images?

A: Yes, I provide all images without restriction with full copyright, I only maintain the right to use the images for my own marketing purposes.


Q. Is editing included in your rates?

 A: Editing is included as part of the shoot fee, normally crop, tone and colour correct. Additional retouching such as object removal and beauty retouching is charged at £25 per hour.


Q. How do you deliver the final images?

A: I deliver images electronically via WeTransfer and google drive links. I also use an online gallery system called pixies if you require galleries for guests to download images directly. If you have your own ftp server, I am happy to upload to that if you provide me with the login details. If you prefer physical over virtual, I am happy to send you the photos on an external hard drive for an agreed fee.


Q. Can you add our logo to the images?

A. Yes, am happy to provide the final images in any format you may need. As standard I send the images over as hi-res, web optimised and in a PDF contact sheet for easy viewing, if you need the images branded, with boarders or in any other format I am happy to do this


Q. How do we pay?

A: Once the final photos have been delivered and you are happy with the result, I send through the invoice, the best way to pay is direct bank transfer. For a full breakdown of my rates please head over to my prices page here.

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