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  • A.Sajdler

Back to Work During Covid 19

Since moving back to the UK after being in Dubai for almost 9 years I did wonder how I would get back into freelance work especially during Covid 19. Obviously when freelancing you need a good network of people and also a portfolio to match. I was concerned that my portfolio was very Middle East heavy and that it wouldn’t fit with UK companies looking for freelance photographers. Although I did have some suitable images that I could put together to make in more ‘UK friendly’. To start looking for freelance jobs I signed up to a couple lead generating sites. From two of these sites I secured my first couple of jobs. I booked a wedding reception and a large sporting event, happy days.

Although the wedding event has now been postponed due to the newer restriction surrounding Covid 19 the large sporting event went ahead. It was the Blenheim Palace Triathlon and it was the first large event that went ahead since the pandemic. I was my job to capture the organiser's, marshals and other volunteers at the event to show that social distancing was in place among other important procedures where happening to everyone safe.

The event went very well and was very well organised despite the tight restrictions. I was happy to be out photographing again and although it very strange photographing people covered in masks and other PPE I did manage to capture some great images to show that an event like this can proceed during a pandemic.

I’m hoping going forward a few more opportunities will come up all we can do is to keep up with the potential jobs coming through and to be quick in getting in touch with the clients.

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