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How to Write a Photography Brief

A good photography brief outlines and specifies the photoshoot objectives, facts, and other details. It gives both the photographer and the client a clear overview of the project. For the client, it helps them define what they want to achieve with the project and for the photographer to understand what the creative outcomes should be. It also validates the importance of the project as an investment.

When writing a brief there are several aspects to consider;

What are the goals of the project?

· Should the photos inspire the audience or cause a reaction?

· Should it make them think about particular issues and/or resolutions?

· Should the photos just sell the brand and attract the audience to buy a product/ service?

Who is the target audience?

Who are the target viewers of the images? Knowing the audience will help photographers come up with creative ideas that suit the goals and objectives of the photoshoot. Images at appeal to one group of people might not necessarily appeal to others, eg Gen z and baby boomers might not share the same visual ideals.

Models, MUA, Stylists

Will there be models; does the shoot also require hair and makeup artists, how about stylists? Define the role for each model and make sure MUA’s and stylists are properly briefed before the shoot. It is also a good idea to get all model releases arranged and signed before the shoot to not slow down the creative time on the day.

Where are the images going to be used?

This is crucial information for the photographer as the use will define the composition of the images, affected editing, image and file size. If it is for a social media campaign what channels will you be focusing on? Instagram feed or stories? If it is for print will it be a magazine advert or large billboard? Knowing this information in advance will help the photographer to prepare accordingly.


Creating a mood board can be a great visual help, share example images of the style you want to create, key colours and themes.

Lay out the details of the photoshoot

The date, time, location, and other shoot details needs to be listed. If it is going to be an outdoor shoot, it should be clearly specified so everyone involved can prepare, include an alternative indoor location for the shoot in case of bad weather. Also note some outdoor locations will require proper permissions. All these details will give the photographer an idea of what to expect in terms of the lighting, the general set up, and surroundings.

List all crew and phone numbers, this helps keep everything organised on the day if you need to contact someone quickly. It is also a good idea to set up a whatsapp group before the shoot and share the brief there as well.

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