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  • A.Sajdler

Urban Outfitters Store Launch: Retail Photography

Creating PR Images for Urban Outfitters' First UAE Store in Dubai Mall

I had the privilege of being commissioned to create PR images for the opening of the first Urban Outfitters store in the UAE, located in Dubai Mall. This project was an exhilarating opportunity to capture the essence of a brand that resonates with contemporary style and urban culture, marking its foray into a new market.

The focus of the photoshoot was to showcase the unique and trendy ambiance of Urban Outfitters, aligning with the brand's well-known aesthetic. The store, set in the bustling Dubai Mall, provided a vibrant backdrop that perfectly complemented the brand's youthful and modern appeal.

My approach was to create images that not only highlighted the store's interior and merchandise but also captured the dynamic energy of the location. The photographs were designed to appeal to the brand's target audience, showcasing the store as a new fashion destination in the UAE.

The images produced were used for PR purposes, aimed at generating excitement and awareness about Urban Outfitters' entry into the UAE market. These photos were instrumental in creating a buzz around the store opening and were utilized across various media platforms to engage and attract potential customers.

This project was not only about photographing a retail space but also about conveying the story and lifestyle that Urban Outfitters embodies, inviting shoppers to experience the brand in a new and exciting location. The PR images played a key role in establishing Urban Outfitters' presence in the UAE and in positioning the Dubai Mall store as a must-visit destination for fashion enthusiasts.

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