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QUESTIONS - Individual Portrait Photography

montage of various headshot showcasting the various styles of portrait photography

Q. Why get a professional portrait?

A. In the modern world of communications, your first impression is likely to be online, whether it is through social media networks like LinkedIn or Facebook or your email favicon. To make sure you appear professional and help build trust you need a professional portrait that can truly represent you and your brand.


Q: How do I pick out the best photos after my portrait session?

A: During the shoot I work with you to make sure I am capturing the images that you want. After the shoot I send over my selection based on your requirements as a PDF proof. You can then select which images you want and any retouching that be required. Once I have your final selection and editing notes, I will work on these to send over to you in 2-3 working days.


Q. How much retouching is included?

 A:  I retouch the images based on your preferences, my aim is to enhance the portrait and make any noticeable changes. This would include skin smoothing, blemish removal, dark circles and wrinkles reduced, teeth whitening, hair tidy. Whilst I don’t recommend the overly photoshopped look if there is something you have in mind, I can work with you to achieve a portrait you are happy with.


Q. What if I do not know what kind of photos I want?

 A: That's absolutely fine, you can check out my portfolios to see if any of the images resonate with you and we can go from there. Feel free to send over a mood board of your desired looks and images. If you need more guidance please get in touch, I would be more than happy to discuss your needs and make suggestions based on your style and situation.


Q. Do you recommend studio Headshots or natural Editorial Portraits?

A: It depends on what you need the photos for. In many work situations, where a plain background is required, I would recommend a studio shoot. This would be my recommendation for headshots on CV’s or your LinkedIn Profile. However, these can sometime come across a bit too formal, and some people prefer a more relaxed work portrait in their office or at another location. Editorial portraits work best if you need a styled collection of images for personal branding and marketing collateral as they can be used across several medias. You can check out my Headshots portfolio and Editorial Portraits Portfolio for inspiration.


Q. For portrait sessions do you come to me?

A: If you are looking for studio style photos, I have a portable studio, so I am happy bringing it to your home or other location. If you really want the full studio experience then I can rent a studio space in central Oxford, however this will add to the total cost. If you are looking for natural, on-location photos, I always suggest we go somewhere that is relevant and convenient for you. What I love about both Oxford and London is the range of backgrounds and colours the cities have to offer, from blue glass to yellow stone and red brick. You can easily find a location to suit your brand identity.


Q. What should I wear?

A: Keep your clothing simple in plain colour, preferably neutral tones. Having patterns and strips can really distract from the main subject and can often distort in camera. Wear something that will portray you and you are comfortable in. If you work in the corporate sectors dress smart and formal, if you are a tech firm then dress down but make sure everything is clean and ironed.


Q. How long until I can have my images?

A. I typically send over the proofs within 2 working days, you can then select the images you would like full editing. Once I have your selection, it takes me approximately 3 working days to edit the images, which I then send to you in hi-res both in colour and black and white.


Q. Do you take passport photos?

A: I am happy taking photos of you for use in your passport, yes, although my minimum session fee of £75 does apply, so it will not be the most cost-effective option for a passport photo. For a full list of my pricing you can check out my photoshoot prices page here. 

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