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highlights of images showcasting the art of photography

Q. Why use a professional photographer?
A: With 15 years of experience in photography, I am always working to improve my craft and hone my skills. I understand how to use and manipulate light, both natural and artificial, for producing beautiful photographs. I use the latest, innovative cameras and lenses to ensure the images I produce are of the highest possible quality. I am experienced in the latest post-production software and hold the skills to make sure my clients' photos always look their absolute best. I take great care to back up my client's images across the cloud and on multiple hard drives and I am also professionally insured just in case anything was to go wrong.

Q. What type of photography do you specialise in?
A. I am a specialist corporate event photographer based in Oxford and London working with both commercial companies and government agencies. I am also experienced in taking professional portraits, business headshots and editorial PR photography. I work directly with many small and large well-known brands and have many great collaborations with Marketing and Event Agencies. And of course, a few start-up businesses as well. For a comprehensive list of my photography services click here.
Q: What Equipment do you use?
I used Canon cameras and lenses. I carry Canon 5D MK3 and 6D bodies with a range of Canon lenses including 70-200mm and 85mm. My mobile studio consists of Godot lights with light modifiers such as an octa-box and umbrellas. I also use a collapsible background which is black and light grey, great for business portraits. I shoot tethered directly to an iPad pro or MacBook pro and use Tether tools cables which a durable and a bright orange colour.

Q: How long do you keep images on file?
A: I keep the final edited photos from every shoot forever so if you lose them or have accidentally deleted them, I can easily send them back to you. I keep the RAW images for 1 year so if you need more than your original choice or have different retouching requirements later, I can accommodate this. Just get back in touch and let me know what you need.

Q: What do you charge for travel?
A: it depends on the destination and the type of shoot. If a shoot is in oxford or London and I don't need too much equipment, I will always take public transport and charge accordingly. If I need more equipment than I comfortable take on public transport, I will drive and price according to charges and parking. For shoots more than 20 miles from Oxford I charge 45p per mile. 

Q. Do you take a deposit? 
A: I only take a deposit for big events or multi-day bookings, especially if international travel is required, in advance so that I know you are serious about your booking and so that I cannot be booked up for anything else. The deposit is fully refundable up till 1 month before the event. More information about my photography rates can be found here.

Q. How far in advance should I book?
A: I accept bookings for large events, such as international conferences, festivals, and other multi-day events up to a year in advance. When it comes to corporate work, you can usually book a week or two in advance and not have too much difficulty finding an available slot. Booking early gives you more opportunity to choose the time and date that best fits your schedule.

Q. Do you do videography?
A: No, but I have lots of colleagues that do and will happily put you in touch.

Q. Do you offer discounted rates for charities?
a: Absolutely, I am happy to offer charity and not for profit rates, please get in touch to find out more.

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