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Corporate Headshot Photography: Full Company Portraits

Delivering Comprehensive Business Portraits for a Major Company in the UAE

I recently had the opportunity to undertake a significant project, conducting business portraits and staff headshots for a company with over 150 employees, spread across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Collaborating with the Office Manager, we decided on two distinct styles for the portraits: a classic headshot against a grey backdrop and a more dynamic 3/4 length portrait featuring the iconic Dubai skyline.

The project spanned two weeks, during which I traveled to various office locations across the UAE. The key challenge was to accommodate the diverse schedules of the staff, ensuring that every individual had their portrait taken without disrupting their work routines.

The outcome of this project was a comprehensive set of portraits for the entire company. These images not only showcased each individual in a professional light but also maintained a consistent aesthetic across the board, reinforcing the company's brand identity.

For large corporations looking to obtain consistent, high-quality portraits of their entire team, this project serves as an exemplar. Understanding that such shoots may need to be spread over several days to accommodate various schedules, I offer my services to ensure minimal disruption and maximum output. If your organization requires a similar approach to staff photography, I am more than equipped and happy to assist.

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