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Porsche Social Media Influencers Event

Celebrating the Launch of the New Porsche 911: A Memorable Collaboration in Dubai

I recently had the privilege of contributing my photography skills to the launch of the new Porsche 911, a project commissioned by First & Ten Productions. This assignment brought me into collaboration with prominent social media influencers in the Middle East, capturing the essence of this iconic event.

The launch was a two-day extravaganza, showcasing the elegance and performance of the Porsche 911. The first day was an adrenaline-fueled track day at Dubai Motor City, where I captured the dynamic interaction between the influencers and the car in a high-speed setting. The excitement and energy of the track day were palpable, and the images reflect the thrill of the Porsche 911's performance.

The following day, we took to the streets of Dubai, offering a different perspective of the Porsche 911 in an urban setting. The influencers explored the city, bringing the elegance and style of the Porsche to life against the backdrop of Dubai's iconic cityscape. Their enjoyment and experiences were shared with millions of followers, creating a buzz around the new Porsche 911 in the Middle East.

The entire event was a resounding success, not just for the launch of the new Porsche 911 but also in capturing the spirit of the occasion. The images from this event showcase the car's sophistication, performance, and the excitement it brings, contributing significantly to the successful launch in the Middle East

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