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Poppy Ball | Charity Photography

Capturing the Essence of the Poppy Ball for the British Legion

Being the official photographer for the British Legion's annual Poppy Ball is a role I approach with great honour and responsibility. This esteemed event, deeply rooted in remembrance and respect, brings together Dubai’s community to honour those who have served and fallen in the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces.

The Poppy Ball is not just an event; it's a poignant reminder of sacrifice and service. Set against the backdrop of a formal black-tie dinner, the evening is steeped in tradition and reverence. It serves as a gathering point for retired members of Her Majesty’s Armed Forces, as well as individuals who cherish the memory of the fallen. My task as a photographer is to capture the essence of this significant occasion, ensuring that the spirit of remembrance and the joy of the celebration are equally represented in my photographs.

Key themes of the night, such as friendship, comradeship, esprit de corps, and witty repartee, are essential elements that I aim to encapsulate in my images. In addition to covering the various activities organized by the committee, I also focus on portraying the overall spirit and atmosphere of the event.

As part of the evening's experience, I offer a unique 'print on site' photo booth for guests upon their arrival. This feature not only adds an element of fun and engagement to the event but also allows guests to take home a personal memento of the night. Capturing the smiles, the formal attire, and the shared moments of reflection makes the Poppy Ball an incredibly rewarding and memorable assignment each year.

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